3rd Party Laravel PHP Packages

The list of Laravel PHP packages is constantly being updated.
Soon, you will be able to submit your own entry to the list.

Cli error handling for console/command-line PHP applications.
Likes: 4,308
Laravel 5|6|7|8|9|10 - Repositories to the database layer
Likes: 4,157
High performance HTTP server based on Swoole. Speed up your Laravel and Lumen applications.
Likes: 3,980
Platform for back-office applications, admin panel or CMS your Laravel app.
Likes: 3,787
🚀 LaravelS is an out-of-the-box adapter between Swoole and Laravel/Lumen.
Likes: 3,766
Easy creation of slugs for your Eloquent models in Laravel
Likes: 3,759
InfyOm Laravel Generator
Likes: 3,639
Easy AdminLTE integration with Laravel
Likes: 3,619
Laravel Shoppingcart
Likes: 3,596
dcat admin
Likes: 3,512
Nested Set Model for Laravel 5.7 and up
Likes: 3,448
Generate beautiful API documentation from your Laravel application
Likes: 3,387
The Laravel Zero Framework.
Likes: 3,363
Generates Laravel Migrations from an existing database
Likes: 3,361
Generates a Blade directive exporting all of your named Laravel routes. Also provides a nice route() helper function in JavaScript.
Likes: 3,349

Laravel Packages

Cashier Paddle provides an expressive, fluent interface to Paddle's subscription billing services.
Likes: 201
A Laravel Nova tool for viewing your application logs.
Likes: 117

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